Creating an experience to find, claim and sell digital art
Unstoppable Art Machine (UAM) NFT card design
Unstoppable Art Machine (UAM) logo on tote bag
Various stickers showing Unstoppable Art Machine (UAM) branding
Street Art Mural showing Unstoppable Art Machine (UAM) logo
Street Art Mural showing Unstoppable Art Machine (UAM) logo
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Assets
  • Print Collateral
    Unstoppable Art Machine (UAM) is the worlds first NFT street art scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt takes place online, with UAM dropping clues of where street art can be found.

    The first person to find the artwork and scan the accompanying QR code becomes the owner of the digital version of the piece. The digital piece can be bought and sold, generating royalties for the original creator, enabling artists to monetise their work, build ongoing wealth from each sale, and spawn viral communities.

    Our team created a dynamic logo that anchors the brand, with utility of adding unique QR codes to the lockup, core to the functionality of the project.