An exercise on Web 3.0 identity and deck strategy
GG Quest brand visual + graphic style
GG Quest illustration style
GG Quest brand style images
GG Quest logo
GG Quest brand visual + graphic style
GG Quest brand guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Pitch Deck Strategy
  • Pitch Deck Design
    The team at ggQuest sets out to “make gaming fun again” by creating game development assets that targets the issue of in-game cheating. Our team was commissioned to create the strategy and design for their pre-seed pitch, with a logo and basic brand elements to support the deck design.

    The hero images show a silhouetted figure peering into a door to another dimension – showcasing the idea of seeing beyond what is currently possible with Web 3.0 game development. The glowing door also echoes the glyph “Q” in the logotype, win!